Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why I have been away for so long... and I am back.

Dear friends and strangers as some of you may have noticed I have been away from this blog for a very long time. I am extremely busy. My poetry, my friends, my physical exercises take a long time and I can barely keep up. I dont know if this is my goodbye note to the blog. I think disability and sexuality is a very important topic but I also feel I can use my disability as an excuse to justify my sexual insecurity and put words into other peoples mouths. When maybe it is more simple then what I make it out to be: If people find me attractive they can get over their prejudices if I have played my cards right - if not its their loss, or perhaps it was not meant be, or I said something at the wrong moment but really that happens to people who are not in wheelchairs as well. While know abelisim is real and prejudice is real I refuse now to let that make me fall into a state where I whine about "lack of sexual life." When I think about it I have had some wonderful sexual experiences even if they have been few, Ive known romance, Ive known what is to fall in love, out of love, to be heart broken and break peoples hearts so goodbye self pitty. If I dont compare my sexual life to those of others - Ive had a pretty good time with its ups and downs. So goodbye blog? I dont know. I NEED MORE COMENTS AND FEEDBACK TO KEEP THIS BLOG GOING. I WONT BE OFFENDED IF I DONT GET THEM, BUT IT IS NOT WORTH WHILE IF THEY ARE JUST MESSAGES IN A BOTTLE IN THE MIDDLE OF CYBERSPACE.