Saturday, June 19, 2010

Love song to my motorized wheelchair

Though we are almost married
I often forget you

You're bulky and stout
I sit around you most of the time.
you're cranky and lumbering.

But then I turn you on

And I remember
I love you
on high speed
all cracked
up. I love you
rolling with me
the joystick is yours
throbbing in full gear
as we bump
denting the floor—

Every night you wait
for me to charge you up

and you come squeaking
like an ungainly pigeon
asking for more.

If I don't please you right
your weight might
crush my bones

When you tie me down
I only soar higher.

Yet you love to see me wriggling
all bound up and when I try
to pull out you hold me in.

The women who fall for me
are often paralyzed by you

They are jealous of how
I'm always lap dancing on you.
were almost sewn at the hip.

Oh my
dark dawn
Oh my loyal task master
Oh my electric
steel tempered mistress.

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